Jean-Pierre de Bonhome
CEO, ElectroEngine S.A., Luxembourg

Thomas Bergfjord
CTO and Joint Founder, ElectroEngine S.A., Luxembourg
MD ElectroEngine R&D AB, Sweden

Thomas previously worked as an entrepreneur in the building construction industry, where his interest focused on ‘smart’ homes and systems solutions. He has a profound understanding of electronics, systems och mechanics. Thomas is behind the first three patents on which the company’s business operations are based. Thomas is currently dividing his responsibilities between product development and running the company.

Therese Gustafsson
Accounting and Compliance Europe Manager, ElectroEngine R&D AB, Sweden

Gustav Alberius
CEO, ElectroEngine R&D AB, Sweden
Master of Science in Engineering Physics. Gustav has long experience from product development and project management from companies such as Scania, ABB and GE Healthcare.
He has been with the company for two and a half years and has been responsible for the Batter Management System development in Uppsala.